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The choice of aquatic feed machinery crusher

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In view of aquatic feed and feed characteristics are different, so the key equipment used in the production of aquatic particles on the differences also exist. The characteristics of aquatic feed is: small size; protein of high quality, low carbohydrate content; pellet feed structure; in order to avoid cross contamination of aseptic processing of raw materials.
The production of ordinary fish feed raw material granularity 40 mesh, such as shrimp feed, eel feed, soft shelled turtle feed and other special aquatic feed raw materials to reach more than 80 head. The raw material particle size, determines the composition of feed surface area, smaller particle size, surface area is larger, and the absorption ability of steam water before pelletization has more strong, easy adjustment and can be shaped, granule has good water stability.
So the common mill can not meet the requirements, we use the micro crushing. So we turn into superfine crusher special aquaculture development has the characteristics as follows:
1 the conjoined type main drive structure, high yield, reliable operation;
2 built-in centrifugal air separator, compact structure, small occupation area;
3 grinding precision adjustable thickness (60-200) and sieving rate is up to 99.9
4 no screen, can effectively prevent micro grinding, crushed material temperature is low, especially suitable for heat sensitive materials.
5 the tyranny of high strength hard alloy blades, gear ring, long life
Water cooling system 6 patent main bearing, can long time no stop production, and prolong the life of main bearing.
7 wind feeding, automatic removal of stone, iron removal, reduce equipment failure probability
8 observation window design, easy to observe the crushing chamber wear parts, reduce equipment accidents.
9 wheel worm species cover device, make convenient repair.







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