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Select "for the production of aquatic feed mill

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When senior aquatic feed production, because of the particularity of the granularity of raw materials, we choose in the mill to attention when the difference.
Particle size selection. The general production of ordinary fish feed, the material particle size is about 40 orders 60 orders, but the production of special aqua feed (shrimp feed, eel, turtle feed material), must reach more than 80 mesh granularity of raw material. The raw material particle size, determines the composition of feed surface area, the finer the larger surface area, absorption of moisture in steam granulation of ability, for conditioning and particle shape, so that the particles have good water stability, and can prolong the residence time in the aquatic products in vivo, absorption effect is good, can improve the feed return, reduce water pollution. To achieve the ideal size crushing, "drip" mill can choose, it fully tap the advantages of horizontal grinder, with unique design ideas, a grinder can form two kinds of gap between hammer and screen, are applied to a normal crushing and fine crushing, grinding particle size and more uniform, fine grain crushing met the demands of common fish feed the. The models in the market, favored by feed manufacturers. If the production of shrimp, crab, carp, soft shelled turtle and other special aquatic feed, the powder particle size requirements more small, ordinary grinder is not up to the requirements of micro grinding, must use the micro grinder to.







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