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The choice of small mill to be refurbished goods

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Small mill into the city, let the mill application field expanded to ordinary families, there is a small high speed mill used in Chinese traditional medicine industry, used to crush grain, supply and demand only to mill to increase sharply, the quantity, quality will inevitably appear problem, many small grinder manufacturers directly to the old turn into a new sale, this mill quality and crushing efficiency not sure, so how to distinguish between the old and the new small mill is of concern to many people.
We provide several distinguishing method for your reference.
1 a little skill, we as far as possible to make the machine vibration, if used machine, material will adhesion in machine corner, simple cleaning can not thoroughly clean the net, with the vibration may be dried materials will be scattered;
2 check the screw and bolt use marks
3 check the grinding surface, the scratch is difficult to repair.
The above may be the problem, but unscrupulous profiteers may be smarter, so we should carefully consider the other factors.







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