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Raw material dry extrusion machine

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Raw material dry extrusion machine

Widely used in soybean, corn, rice bran, extruded rapeseed meal and other materials.
1 the machine is widely used in feed industry, extruded full fat soybean, corn, soybean meal, cottonseed, rice bran, processing can also be used in food industry. Food, beans, pre processing of oil industry.
2 the machine can effectively kill the harmful bacteria in Soybean (such as E. coli, Salmonella), starch gelatinization and fully, improve the protein digestion and absorption rate, feeder adopts frequency conversion control, feeding the flexible adjustment of the material into the expansion chamber and feeding uniformity.
The 3 spacer Strengthening Conditioner, Quenched and tempered full uniform, conditioning effect is good, the conditioning device adopts double speed motor, control material quenching and tempering time, obtain aging hardening effect of different.
4 screw thread sleeve convenient installation and repair, long service life.







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