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SPHS series wet extrusion machine

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SPHS series wet extrusion machine

Product features
Applicable to special aquaculture feed factory production floating aquatic feed, sinking aquatic feed.
1.SPHS series wet extrusion machine is designed for the production of high-grade extruded floating aquatic feed, sinking aquatic feed, pet food and ornamental animal feed feeding system: non aggregate silo design, to ensure that the powder inside the cabin not arch and affect production, and can be equipped with automatic feeding system; feeder feeding accuracy, volatility is very small to ensure the stable extrusion puffing machine, production machine transmission box body bearing using SKF bearing, ensure the smooth transmission, long service life; extruder screw materials using alloy processing, long service life; the cylinder uses modular design, convenient replacement of wearing parts. Tube using a high metal alloy material, the outer cylinder of a jacket, the steam and condensate water distribution, heat transfer and cooling uniformity.
The 2 part of the movable blade cutting knife seat by the spring steel processing, better with the template fitting, uses frequency conversion motor drive the cutter, can control the length of the product.







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