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Double rotor breaking machine

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Double rotor breaking machine

Product features
1, range of application: this series of hammer mill can be micro grinding processing is widely used in various particle feed raw materials and powder materials, such as corn, sorghum, wheat, beans, fish feed, but also applicable to the pharmaceutical, alcohol, solvents and other industries for fine grinding of the.
2 parallel dual rotor, with adjustable broken circulation device design two rotors, favorable yield.
Hammer 3 fully optimized arrangement, the grinding efficiency is higher.
4 axial ventilation design, effectively destroying the favorable circulation layer, crushing and sieving, also has a cooling for bearing.
5 includes a high-precision dynamic balance, the precision testing, to ensure a more stable operation, lower noise, better performance.
6 may be reversible rotor, greatly prolongs the service life of wearing parts.
Interlocking device 7 can be displaced open operation and safety, to ensure convenience and safety door.
8 linkage type pressure sieve, sieve sheet so that the replacement operation more convenient and reliable.
The frequency of leaf type or magnetic belt feeder 9 can be equipped with advanced technology, making work more reliable.
10, the gap between hammer and screen adjustable, can adapt to different material of high efficiency grinding.
Technical parameters

型号 YHM60*35 YHM60*40 YHM60*50 YHM60*60 YHM60*75 YHM60*80 YHM60*95
主轴转数(r/min) 2970
转子直径(mm) 560
粉碎室宽度(mm) 350 400 500 600 750 800 950
配用动力(kw) 22*2/30*2 30*2/37*2 37*2/45*2 45*2/55*2 55*2/75*2 55*2/75*2 75*2/90*2
锤片数量(片) 48 56 72 88 112 120 144


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