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Box-type ventilation drying machine

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Box-type ventilation drying machine

Scope of application
1, crop: seed, rice, wheat, corn, soybean, rapeseed, sugar beet, Coffee seeds, peanuts, garlic, Betel nut, particulate matter.
2, food and Fisheries: dried fruit (five muskmelon seed, salted peanut, dried longan, dried beef, garlic, Dried tofu, fish and shellfish, shrimp).
3, industrial: bamboo chopsticks, incense, match sticks, wood products, plastic raw material, section material.
Technical parameters
Fan size: 2220 (L) * 925 (W) * 1875 (H)
Total power: 4.7KW (61/4HP)
Rated voltage of three phase: (3 φ) * 220/380V 50/60H
The temperature rise range / outdoor temperature: temperature: +5~32 ℃ high temperature: +20~60 ℃


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