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Aquatic feed production line

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Aquatic feed production line

Pellets unit is suitable for the production of 500-15000 kg of various production of poultry, livestock feed and ordinary fish feed in small and medium-sized feed mills to produce pellet feed and powder feed. Feed unit contains various machinery and equipment needed to feed production section, from the crushing, mixing, granulation, cooling, screening, ascension, to the electronic control system. The whole equipment is fixed on the steel frame, USES the centralized control simulation panel. Taking interlock control of all the equipment, and equipped with safety alarm device, easy operation.

A cover an area of an area small, short construction time and advanced semi-automatic feed mills. Its features are: simple installation, convenient operation, centralized control. Various technical process to choose from. Due to its less investment, quick effect, so it is the ideal package

类型 产量(t/h) 功率(Kw) 外形(m)
 YPMA25  0.5-1.5  55  6*6*8
 YPMA32  2-3  125  8*7*9.5
 YPMA35  3-5  140  9*8*10.5







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