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Henan Ruiguang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd., is a research and development, manufacturing, sales, service as one of the Limited by Share Ltd. Over the years, our company always survive by quality, technology and development, guided by the market, in good faith as the fundamental, once many times by the Bureau of quality and technical supervision, Henan Province, Zhengzhou city of quality and Technical Supervision Bureau awarded the "quality trustworthy unit".

In recent years, our company in the mill, vertical particle machine, charcoal machine has achieved remarkable results.

I set up the company in recent years has been committed to building materials research and development and production equipment, equipment to the community dedicated thousands of excellent performance, stable quality timber mill, metal crusher, vertical particle machine, charcoal machine equipment such as a series of.

The technical team to forge ahead, the elite Ruiguang machinery technology, refine on production lines and modern detection means, created Ruiguang strong technical strength, is Ruiguang inserted the as the industry's peak wings.

Look at yourself Ruiguang with rigorous perspective, to win the trust with excellent quality! Over the years, Ruiguang product reputation at home and abroad, are exported to India, Russia, Kazakhstan, South America, Middle East, Southeast Asia Africa, more than 30 countries and regions, and made their own contributions to the development of the construction of these areas.

Customer satisfaction, it is always the pursuit of the relighting people. Stick with the user to grow is Ruiguang people forever faith. The company has a large number of skilled and experienced technical staff after sale service team, can provide from the single equipment to the solution of the production line, a full set of charcoal machine for the user to particle machine production line equipment, and provide professional technical support, reliable supplies of spare parts and excellent after sale service.

"The pious, fine, close, harmonious", Ruiguang is the enduring spirit of enterprise, the interpretation of a forward footprint, heralds the future the belief. Be consistent from beginning to end pursuit of the best, to create a model, Ruiguang will provide more quality products and service for the user, will win China national industry more applause and respect.

Growth is a process, glory is the new starting point. Twenty years of trials and hardships, created today with luxuriant foliage of Ruiguang machinery; the new century, new hope, along the pace of exploration, Ruiguang people and pride towards the front of the China machinery manufacturing industry!

The mind of heaven and earth, the heart has the future -- Henan Ruiguang Machinery Technology Co., Ltd.

Our service tenet: "service for the user, the user is responsible for, so that customer satisfaction!"  



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